New Patients

We always welcome new patients here at Third Street Dental, and to make the process even easier you can download our forms to fill out in advance.

Each form can be filled out directly in your PDF Editor, and can be printed to bring along with you for your appointment. Make sure to fill out BOTH of the following forms.

See you soon!

Forms and Guides

Children can develop cavities pretty fast with the amount of sugary drinks and food available. Help combat cavities for your kids with this helpful guide:

Cavity-free Kids Guide (PDF)

Restorations such as Veneers and Crowns need to be taken care of just like real teeth! So to help you make sure you take care of them properly, follow these steps in the following guide to help make them last!

Caring for your new teeth (PDF)

Having a tooth pulled doesn’t need to be difficult, so we have created this guide to help you after your surgery! Follow these simple steps to ensure the fastest recovery time possible.

Instructions following a Tooth Extraction (PDF)

Repairing the gums around your teeth can help keep your teeth healthy, and give you a great smile. While healing from your surgery, don’t forget to follow these simple steps.

Instructions following Periodontal (Gums) Surgery (PDF)

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