5 Tips to a Positive Dental Visit for your Child

Our goal for your child’s first dental visit is ensuring a healthy mouth, while making it a fun time. We want your child to be happy and excited to come back to the dentist! Here are a few tips to making this happen!

1. Educate Your Child
Use your child’s first dental visit as a building block to establish a lifetime of positive dental habits. Reading books about going to the dentist is a wonderful way to prepare your child for their appointment. My favourite dental book is Sesame Street’s Ready Set Brush. It’s a great pop-up book with characters that show how to open big. This is helpful for the dentist, when they ask your little one to “open your mouth big like a lion!”

2. Prepare Your Child
The earlier you start oral care with your infant, the better. It will get your child used to having their mouth cleaned and taken care of. These early habits will make the dental check-up much easier. Your child will already be used to having their mouth checked and cleaned.

3. Be a great role model
Have fun brushing your own teeth, and get excited when you have to go to the dentist. Share your own positive experiences of the dentist with your little ones.

4. Choose the right time of day
Book your child’s appointment when they are rested and after a meal. Even children who love coming to the dentist will be cranky if they are tired. Book in advance to get the perfect time for your child.

5. Be Consistent 
Make dental visits a priority. Familiarity with the dentist empowers a child to know what to expect each time they visit. Soon enough, they will love visiting the dentist and getting their teeth “super sparkly!”

I am a North Vancouver Dentist, presently accepting new patients… and yes, little ones too!

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