Baby oral care should start as early as possible. Babies love routine… so why not take advantage. Choose a time of the day that suits you best, whether its first thing in the morning, or during baby’s bath time. I personally have found right before bath time to be the easiest. My hands and the water are clean and I’m able to quickly wipe my baby’s face, and mouth. Not only will this keep your babies oral tissues clean, but it will start teaching your baby the importance of having a healthy mouth. Our goal is that your baby will get used to having their mouth cleaned, making the introduction of the toothbrush easier.

With clean hands, you can start by gently observing your baby’s mouth. Using a soft, wet baby towel around your finger, gently clean the tongue, inner cheeks and gums. It should take just a few seconds to do this. This will also give you the opportunity to notice any changes in the health of the mouth. Babies on average get their first tooth at 9 months of age. However, some babies are born with one or two teeth, and others get them later than one year of age. Once your baby gets their first tooth, use a soft baby toothbrush and water to clean their teeth and gums.

A dental visit should be booked within 6 months after the first tooth erupts, or by one year of age. At this time, your family dentist will assess your baby’s risk for cavities, and ensure their mouth looks healthy. Depending on the risk assessment for cavities, your dentist will recommend a toothpaste for your baby. A very tiny amount (size of a grain of rice) should be used until the baby learns to spit, as we don’t want the baby swallowing toothpaste. If you have any questions, please contact me. We are presently accepting new patients of all ages.