Third Street Dental in North Vancouver is excited for Dr. Ksenia Fedorova’s next challenge of entering endodontic specialty school at the University of British Columbia. Her studies begin this coming July, and she will be training for 3 years, before becoming a specialist in endodontics. As an endodontist, she will be highly skilled in diagnosing and treating dental pain and performing root canal treatment.


Dr. Ksenia Fedorova will be missed at Third Street Dental by our team, and patients. We will miss her hard-working nature, and passion for dental excellence! She strives to deliver the very best care daily, and has great determination to be the best clinician she can be. Over the last couple of years, we learned Ksenia has a hobby in baking. Our team will deeply miss her and her weekly treats at the office.



Ksenia would like our patients to know that she is grateful for their trust, and that she will miss working at Third Street Dental. She was delighted to be a part of their lives, and hopes to see them again soon. She wishes the team all the best, and will visit regularly when she needs a coffee break between endodontic specialty examinations. She is excited about her new challenge, and hopes to provide endodontic specialist treatments to the community in the future.


Dr. Melissa Skinner and the team at Third Street Dental would like to wish Dr. Ksenia Fedorova an amazing journey furthering her education in dentistry. We hope your studies in endodontics bring even more passion and fulfillment to your dental career.


Good luck and Best Wishes from your North Vancouver Dental team.