Teeth Cleaning

Just like you need to get routine oil changes to keep your car running well, or scrub your bathtub on a regular schedule to prevent soap scum build-up, it’s so important you have routine teeth cleanings with your dentist! Receiving regular dental cleanings is at the heart of having a healthy mouth.

Hygiene cleanings maintain healthy gum tissues and prevent dental problems, such as gum disease and infections. Through ultrasonic scaling, our hygienists are able to remove plaque and tartar that is attached to the tooth surface. This eliminates the source of inflammation and restores the gums to good health. The cleaning appointment is customized to the client’s needs. Some individuals have more sensitivity or more stain. Thus, we adjust our cleaning methods to offer the most thorough and comfortable care.

Prevention is the key to good oral health. At each dental cleaning visit, we are monitoring the health of the gums, as well as checking for any changes in the quality of the tissues. This allows us to notice early signs of gum disease, or gum changes that could indicate oral cancer.

Did you know oral health is linked to your overall health??

  • Heart disease

    Did you know that people with periodontal disease are almost twice as likely to have coronary artery disease? Preventing gum disease reduces one’s risk for cardiac arrest, stroke and atherosclerosis.

  • Diabetes

    Periodontal disease is a complication of diabetes, particularly if the diabetes is uncontrolled. Severe gum disease can increase blood sugar levels.

  • Premature babies

    Gum disease is linked to premature labor and low-birth weight babies

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Gum disease is correlated with Rheumatoid arthritis and the severity of its side effects.

  • Dementia

    Gum disease is related to memory problems, and found to raise risk for dementia later in life.

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